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Total Package!. Living in Abundance (Jn. 10;10b). July 2012

Let’s have a little discussion about science’s perception of God. For some time now, scientists have struggled with the God concept. Still, there is ample evidence in the scriptures to prove that, in fact on the contrary, God precedes science. The Bible says, and we believe, that God is indeed the creator of heaven and earth and all that is in the world including  science and  scientists (Ps. 24:1). At the heart of the debate with science is the question of what event actually occurred first? Did science create the universe? Relentless pursuit of answers to this question had led scientists to studies on the origin of species. One of the latest scientific breakthroughs is in connection with the big bang theory and the discovery of the so-called ‘God particle’. The real meaning of ‘God Particle’ has little or nothing to do with the God of heaven as we know him as Jehovah Rohi. Rather the ‘God particle’ refers to a subatomic unit that is apparently Key to science’s understanding of the universe.

Friend, I believe that God himself was the first scientist that ever existed. I can prove that to you. God was perhaps the first to use air power; missile technology in combat/warfare against the enemies of his people. When the battle became fierce, In Joshua 10:11, God permanently silenced the enemies of Israel by dropping ‘bombs’; hail stones on them from heaven. In today’s scientific understanding, hail stones can be compared to high- speed weapons or objects of mass destruction that were being directed from some part of heaven to specific geographical targets on earth where the enemies of Israel were at that particular point in time. In that scripture (Jos. 10:12-13) we also see that Joshua, a mortal man, with the authority of the creator of heaven and earth, commanded the Sun and the Moon (Physical entities) to stand still and they obeyed. That could have only happened because both the Sun and the Moon were taking specific instructions, not really from Joshua, but from the God of Joshua who incidentally is the maker of both the Sun and the Moon. In another section of the scripture, we see that God is the original creator/ inventor of the GPS technology. How? When you read Matt. 2:1-2, 9 you will find that God used a star in heaven to direct the 3 wise men on earth as to the exact geographical coordinates of Bethlehem in Judea where baby Jesus was physically located.

This Edition of Living in Abundance is not really about proving that God is the creator of science, because some of us know that already. However it is rather to make us really appreciate the fact that, even when some stack realities of our respective individual and collective lives tend to say otherwise, the irrevocable truth is that there is nothing God cannot do. Accordingly even when science doesn’t seem to have faith in God, the almighty God is the maker of science; He is the very first scientist that ever existed. Just as science, created by God, believes in exactitudes, God himself doesn’t do things in hap-hazard ways. He delivers complete / total packages to his children.

For instance, searching the scriptures, I found that in fact God is the very first food scientist/ nutritionist/ biochemist or biologist. Scientists will tell us that we all need balanced diets to survive. To remain healthy an average individual needs a combination of the basic food components in a balanced manner.  If the food we eat is imbalanced, that could result in malnutrition which could ultimately lead to death. To live a healthy life, our food needs to have adequate balanced amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats/oils, minerals and vitamins. Added to those, of course, is water. I saw a fascinating story in 1 Kgs 17:1-6. There was famine in the Land and God instructed his servant Elijah to go to the brook Cherith.  The brook was basically a source of water for the man of God. But God knew that Elijah wouldn’t be able to survive on water alone. Even when Elijah didn’t ask, the almighty God made arrangement for food to be given to him; day and night. God commanded the ravens to feed Elijah. It is important that we understand the type and quality of food that the ravens brought to the man of God. They gave him bread and flesh in the morning and in the night. Bread is basically made of carbohydrates.  Flesh is predominately proteins and it could also serve as a source of minerals and vitamins. What of Fats/oils? Scientists know that there is a biological system that exists for the inter-conversion of carbohydrates to fats/oils. It is for this reason (inter-conversion) that those who feed much on carbohydrates tend to become fat and obese.

A similar event had earlier occurred in In Ex. 16:3-17; the children of Israel were hungry. God promised to feed them from heaven.  Moses told them that the Lord shall give them bread in the morning and flesh in the evening. God fulfilled his word. In the evening time the quails (flesh) fell from heaven and covered the camp. In the morning the camp was covered with manna (bread). Of course they had water to drink. It was a balanced meal.

However, in all these something is note- worthy. In the case of Elijah, this was obviously the first time God was sending the Ravens to him in that manner. I want to believe that before this time Elijah was not used to birds bringing food to him. I don’t know who among us, even today, would accept the gift of a dead animal delivered to us (may be through an open window) by a funny -looking bird, just because we are hungry?  That would be tough. It would, therefore, have taken divine wisdom and a great deal of the spirit of discernment/obedience and absolute trust in God on the part of Elijah to understand why God would use an unconventional method to solve a basic physical problem or need. Even the children of Israel as hungry as they were (Ex. 16), didn’t understand that the manna that fell from heaven was God’s fulfillment of his promise to feed them with bread. In Ex. 16:15-16 they were surprised at what was given to them, they didn’t know what it was as they simply referred to it as manna. It had to take the explanation from Moses for them to understand that manna was actually the bread which the Lord had given to them to eat. It was after this explanation that the children of Israel began to gather the manna to eat. If Moses had not given that explanation, Israel would perhaps have continued to live in hunger even when Jehovah Jireh had provided food to them.

What is the sense in all these scientific ‘round talk’ pastor? You may ask. Simple! Our God is the creator or heaven and earth. He is the creator of science and scientists. But much more than that our God doesn’t give incomplete packages or blessings to His Children. When God gives someone a blessing He prepares it such that all the basic, required ingredients or elements necessary for success, and survival would be contained in the blessing. Literally speaking for instance, the almighty God will not bless you with a car and expect you to go and borrow money for Gas (Gasoline/petrol). God will not give you the blessing of children today and then allow sicknesses and diseases to ravage them tomorrow. If they ever become sick, he had already made a provision for their recovery/health. God will not give you a wife, and then allow you to go borrowing to feed her. In other words God only allows his children to go through problems because we are overcomers already (Rom. 8:35-37).

Now can we apparently find ourselves in limiting, discomfiting and frustrating situations? The obvious answer is yes! I don’t care how anointed Elijah would have pretended to be, if he was not discerning/obedient enough to appreciate the fact that God solved his problem through an unusual visitor; the Raven he would probably have died of starvation in the brook. If he was expecting that the food would come to him, served on clean plates; by the best of human stewards, he would have waited in vain for a very long time. Same for the children of Israel. They would probably have suffered much more if they didn’t, eventually, understand that manna was the bread that was promised by God.

For many of us therefore the problem is that, even when God had given us solutions to our problems, we fail to take full advantage of such because our minds are rather fixated at some other conventional patterns as dictated by human wisdom and understanding. When we feel this way we tend to diminish God’s miraculous interventions in our cases as somewhat nonexistent or at best; incomplete or insufficient. But if we understand our God very well, just as Moses and Elijah did, we would realize that God’s blessings always come as a total/ complete package.

Friend, Look around you today. God has already blessed you. He has already answered that prayer(s). Somehow, some of us have not fully received what God has done because our attention has been focused, all along, on the convention/norm instead of the exception. We are focused on the ordinary instead of the extraordinary; the natural instead of the supernatural.

I pray that almighty God will make us see today that what he had given to us is indeed a total package comparable to a balanced diet, containing every “essential ingredient” we need to overcome/succeed. Search critically around you. You will find it. That answer is already with you. Unknown to you, it came as part of a divine total package.

If you have not given your life to Christ, please do so today for tomorrow may be too late.

God bless you

Pastor Fidelis O Nwachukwu

RCCG. Throne of Grace Parish

32 E. Washington St.

Hagerstown MD. 21740

Website: http//:www.rccgthroneofgraceusa.org



Posted on Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 09:16pm