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The Tongue! Living In Abundance. (Jn. 10: 10b) November. 2012

One very essential thing we need in our everyday lives is wisdom. The Bible calls it the principal thing and it encourages us to get it in all that we do (Prov. 4:7). I have discovered that in spite of this counsel from the scriptures, many people still treat wisdom with great disdain. This is particularly evident in the way and manner in which we use our tongues. Surprisingly, I have realized that many believers are still not easily disposed to much wisdom with respect to the use of the tongue.

You may say to me; “pastor well what has the use of the tongue got to do with living in abundance and prosperity?” My answer is simple: “Everything”! Just everything! With the tongue many had talked, and are still talking, their ways to Life and Prosperity while, conversely, with the tongue many others have talked their Lives to ruin, poverty, destruction, misery, deprivation and even death.

Some people simply don’t know when and how to stop talking. They just can’t stop talking. They don’t know when to talk and when to keep their mouths shut. They talk in the morning; talk in the afternoon; talk in the evening and talk in the night times. I am convinced that even while some are fast asleep, they still talk. They just don’t know when to show restraint. In the process they say things they shouldn’t say to friends and even to enemies. In the process they divulge hidden secrets that God had given to them concerning the success of their families, businesses, carriers etc. The moment they suspect that anything would work; the moment they stumble into what appears to be a divine secret of success, they will just start blabbing. Such fellows will tell you, even when you didn’t ask, what they eat the previous day; how they slept with their spouses; their relationship with their children, what is going on in their places of work etc. Just anything and everything! Meanwhile you didn’t ask for it. They talk to Man all the time and have little or no time left to talk to God. Little wonder God, even God, keeps away from them because God is not a talkative; He talks once and expects us to hear Him even twice (Ps.62:11).

I met a woman one day; A total stranger. I saw her in the course of my secular work. I had never seen her before in my whole life until that very day. However, in less than one hour she had told me virtually everything about her very existence on this planet. I mean, but I didn’t ask for any of the information. She told me about her family; her children and grandchildren; how she divorced her several husbands; how all her children became what they became; wayward; the sicknesses and addictions that run in her family; How some people in her family snore when they sleep at night; who is for her and against her in the family; What are her fears in life; What are her favorite foods/colors; All that in less than an hour of meeting a total stranger? Come on! Just Come on! I mean that was bizarre. ; That was unnecessary!

Some people will tell others about a miracle that is yet on the way. Some of our sisters will talk even to their jealous mates about a brother that is yet to propose marriage to them. In the process they, inadvertently, trigger off a set of wild and unstoppable negative actions/reactions that will scuttle or delay a divine plan/program. Watch your tongue. We should learn to give people information, particularly about ourselves and our families; about our visions and about what God is doing, rather on a; Need to Know, basis. It shouldn’t be on a; Want to Know, basis. People want to know everything about other people. I give them that. They have the right to want that information. But do they need it? The answer is; No! For instance, even when it is none of their business, People want to know details of your relationship with your spouse and children at home. They want to know the secret of your joy, even when they assume you should be wallowing in sadness, self-pity and penury; they want to know why your children should be doing well at school, even when they were expected to be hooligans, vagabonds and never-do-wells. They just want to know everything about you and yours. But do they need to know all that? The answer is No! So if they don’t need the information, you shouldn’t give it to them irrespective of the fact that they want it.

Check the Scriptures. The Bible says death and life are in the power of the tongue. Those that love it shall eat the fruit thereof (Prov. 18:21). It says the tongue is an unruly evil. With it people curse and with it people bless. In other words whichever way you use your tongue there is a direct consequence. If you use it wisely in the praise, worship and blessings of God and man, you will eat the fruit thereof. If you use it otherwise; recklessly without wisdom, there is also a price to pay (Jas.3:5-17).

In 1Kgs 13:15-17, we read the popular story of the old prophet and the new prophet in Bethel. God had specifically given the young prophet a set of instructions, even as he gives some of us today. God must have told him “Son, go to Bethel and tell them what I had said. When you finish, don’t go to anybody’s house, don’t eat their food; don’t drink their wine; don’t even go back the same way you came”. But the man thought that, “well if God said it, and I believe it then it is all over; there may be no need for wisdom and care”. Read the story well. You will notice that when the old prophet sought for and found the new prophet and invited him for ‘dinner’, the old prophet didn’t ask him what God had said to him. No he didn’t. It was the new prophet that, on his own accord, volunteered to tell him (verses 15-17); “You know God told me not to do this; He warned me not to do that”. The new prophet gave the old prophet information, he (the old prophet) wanted, but didn’t need.

Many believers are in that same category with the new prophet even today. The moment they receive what looks like a revelation/insight or even the slightest dreams concerning any issue under Heaven, they talk. In doing so they arm and fortify the enemy to resist them; every inch of the way. That is really strange! 

Some adults today had been contending with ‘stunted growths’ as a result of curses that were put on them deliberately or otherwise by their parents. Many children, even today will never prosper as they grow, even for the same reason. For instance when a child commits an offence and the mother would rather say, to the child; “You must be a fool; you must be mad”. Watch what she didn’t say: She didn’t say “you may be”. She said; “you must be”. And coming from the mother’s tongue that curse is sealed. However when the same child grows up and becomes a rounded fool or goes mad with alcohol, drugs and all manners of riotous living the same parent(s) will begin to complain. They forget that, it was an avoidable misery they inadvertently brought to themselves by the improper use of the tongue. Some parents will become so enraged that they will curse their children and say to them “may your own children do to you what you have done to us”. Of course that will be so. But because the law of harvest must be obeyed, when that curse will be effected, the grand children of such parents will commit atrocities several times worse than what the children did that brought about the curse in the first place (Hos. 8:7).

If you think that is one huge joke, and after all nothing will come out of it, ask Jacob. In Gen. 48:4-6, 22-26 He cursed Reuben and blessed Joseph and it was so for the rest of their lives.

Contrast with those who rather used their tongues wisely. In Jos. 10:12-13 we read the account of how the man of God looked up to Heaven and commanded the Sun and the Moon to both stand still in Gibeon and Ajalon respectively and it was so. In Acts. 3:1-8 we know how Peter told the lame man at the beautiful Gate to rise up and walk in the name of Jesus Christ. You can go on and on about how people, as of old and even now, had used their tongues with wisdom; constructively and positively.

We should re-examine how we use our tongues. Are we using our tongues wisely or otherwise; to curse or to bless; to pray or to gossip and backbite; to give glory to God or to boast? God has given us the free Will to use the tongue whichever way we want. However, we shouldn’t forget that there is a consequence to us and to all others. We shouldn’t forget the counsel of the scripture that says “who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? Let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom” (Jas. 3:13).

If you have not given your life to Christ please do so now for tomorrow might be too late.

I sincerely hope you didn’t find this boring.

God bless you.

Pastor Fidelis Nwachukwu

RCCG Throne of Grace Parish

32 E. Washington St

Hagerstown MD 21740, USA

Email: rccgthroneofgraceparish@ymail.com

Website: http://www.rccgthroneofgraceusa.org


Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 11:48am