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The Omnipotent God! Living In Abundance Jn. 10;10b. Jan. 2013

A story was told of a minister of God who was going for a meeting in a location very far away from his place of residence. He was travelling in a car with his driver and the road was, indeed, very narrow. Suddenly they found themselves faced, head-on, with a truck that was travelling in the opposite direction. At the respective speeds, it was obvious that the two vehicles would meet each other at exactly the same spot on a narrow bridge, ahead, on the road. The width of the bridge was such that it would only take one vehicle at a time; The practical implication being that if two vehicles, travelling in opposite directions, get to the bridge at about the same time, one vehicle must have to wait for the other to pass, before it would then take its turn to go across the bridge. Given the sudden nature of the meeting of the two vehicles (the minister’s and the truck) and given their speeds, there was little or no time for any one of them to wait for the other to pass in turn. Since one was a heavy-duty truck and the other was a relatively small salon car it was obvious that in the event of an imminent collision, the salon car and its inhabitants (the preacher and his driver) would be destroyed beyond recognition and identification. Expectedly, the two vehicles could not slow down, they continued in their respective opposite directions at high speed and their paths crossed exactly at the center of the narrow bridge. However, instead of an accident, the two vehicles miraculously passed each other, and their occupants safely found themselves on different sides of the road. Everybody marveled at what had just happened. Such amazing, highly improbable, occurrence had never happened before. God Almighty, in his infinite power had miraculously caused the bridge to momentarily expand and turn into a two- lane road that made the vehicles to pass without contact with each other. The moment the two vehicles had safely passed the bridge, God caused the road to constrict/contract back to its original narrow shape and size. When God is for us nobody/nothing can be against us (Rom.8:31). 

Yet in another story, ritual killers had kidnapped a man who was travelling back to his base after a very powerful crusade where the Holy Ghost descended in His majesty and power. The kidnappers didn’t know where the man was coming from; they mistook him for one of the regular folks that they would often, abduct, hypnotize and then kill for ritual purposes in that part of Africa. As they got to their usual place of evil, the chief priest responsible for rituals, tried to do harm to the brother who was coming from the church crusade. However, the chief priest suddenly discovered that he couldn’t touch the brother because there was a great power and light that surrounded the brother. The evil chief priest got very angry with the kidnappers. He rebuked them and asked why they had deliberately decided to bring trouble and destruction on the heads of all, by bringing a child of the living God to the shrine for sacrifice. The captive was instantly set free and his kidnappers begged him for forgiveness and even paid his transport fare for the rest of his journey back home. Our God is great in might!

Elsewhere; on this planet, in our own time, before our very eyes a short man attended a church crusade meeting where signs and wonders were happening; bursting out unhindered; The lame was walking, the blind was receiving their sight and the dumb was speaking; All kinds of diverse and awesome signs and wonders/miracles were taking place. Meanwhile, all the beneficiaries of the awesome power of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords were being taken to the Altar (front) to testify and give glory to God. People were stretching their necks to catch a glimpse of what was going on in the front. However, our friend and brother; the short man, was feeling very uncomfortable. Every corner he turned, taller people would block his vision. He just couldn’t see anything that was going on in the front, but he was clearly hearing all the noise of joy and victory. In his frustration he sighed and said “Oh Lord! How I wish I am taller” and God heard his request. God told the preacher to announce that someone in the congregation had just complained about his height. The preacher said that God told him to tell the brother that he had added a few inches to his height/legs. The miracle was instant; the brother noticed that suddenly he could see everything that was happening in front because he had become taller than all those who were, previously, blocking his view. Our God is great in power!

A man was 75 years old and some mystic people, fortunetellers and stargazers told him that he would not live to be 80 years. The man became very afraid. He prayed and also met a man of God to pray for him. As they prayed, God said he had added at least 10 additional years to the man’s age. That decree neutralized every prophecy of the lying tongues. On his 85th birthday, as the man testified to the goodness of the King of Kings, God used his genuine prophet to announce to him, again, that he had added another 10 years to his stay on earth. He lived to be more than 95 years old. Glory be to God!

Our God is awesome in Power; his might cannot be challenged. The book of Revelations 19:6 says that he is the omnipotent God; He is the greatest in power and might. It will take the omnipotent God to accomplish each of the miracles that people testified to as in the stories above. In the same manner, it would take the power above every other power, to cause the Sun to stand still in Gibeon and the moon to stand still in Ajalon as our God did for Joshua and the children of Israel. It would also only be the power of the Almighty God for the 5 Kings that had conspired against Joshua and Judah to become stupid and run for cover in no other place than a cave that had just one entry, which was also the only one exit. (Jos. 10:12-18)

It could only be the power of the almighty that would cause the sea to path and dry ground to rise for Elisha to pass at the touch of the mantle of Elijah. It could only be the power of the omnipotent God that would make the mockers of Elisha, the so-called sons of the prophets, to bow their knees in shame and recognize the God of Elisha. It could only be the power of the God of Heaven for a man to pour ordinary salt into a bitter river and turn the river into sweet water that healed the barrenness of the Land (2 Kgs. 2:14-22).

It could only be God in his omnipotent power that would cause a storm to rise against a disobedient Jonah in the middle of the sea, cause him to be swallowed by a fish and also cause the fish to vomit him on the river banks of Nineveh (Jonah 1).

It could only be God in His infinite power and majesty that would cause worms to eat an imposter, an enemy of His people; King Harold just because he assumed the position and glory of the creator of Heaven and Earth (Acts. 12:21-23). It could only be the awesome power of our God, that is not a respecter of persons, that would cause a man as mighty as King Nebuchadnezzar to be dethroned momentarily and humiliated as he was made to eat grass with the animals for 7 years because of boasting (Dan.4:30-33).

It could only be God in his majesty that would cause the enemies of Jehoshaphat and Judah to become disoriented and disorganized as to turn against each other to mutually destroy themselves in a senseless combat. Only God in his awesome mighty power would cause the Syrian army to hear a strange noise, and run for safety and in the process abandon all their wealth, for the 7 lepers and the children of Israel. (2 Chr. 20:21-23. 2 Kgs.7:6-8)

It could only be the awesomeness of God’s power that would cause the flow of oil to continue until every available vessel was filled in the house of the widow. It could only be the awesomeness of Gods divine power that would bring back to life the dead son of the widow Nain. (2Kgs. 4:6, Lk. 7:11-15).

Our God is all-powerful. He is the Almighty God. There is nothing He cannot do. There is nothing too difficult for Jehovah Nissi to do. There is nothing Jehovah El Shaddai cannot do. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is Lord! As we proceed this year, remember that He is the Omnipotent father; Remember that all power in Heaven and in Earth had been given to Him. Nothing is impossible before our God and nothing shall be impossible for you this year in the mighty name of Jesus Christ (Lk.1:37, Jer. 32:27).

By His grace you will achieve all that He has set on your way this year and you will overcome every obstacle. Congratulations! For 2013 will be a year of years for you and your family. You will indeed experience the awesome, omnipotent presence of the Living God. He has done it before and if we believe, He will do it again!

Remember to call him the Omnipotent God!  

If you have not given your life to Christ please do so now for tomorrow might be too late.

God bless you.

Pastor Fidelis Nwachukwu

RCCG Throne of Grace Parish

32 E. Washington St

Hagerstown MD 21740, USA

Email: rccgthroneofgraceparish@ymail.com

Website: http://www.rccgthroneofgraceusa.org


Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 07:01pm