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The Joker Card! Living In Abundance. Jn. 10:10b. December 2013


I know that you may, perhaps, remember this familiar, experience; when we were little children there was this game of cards that we used to play after school, while relaxing. The cards had all manner of drawings and symbols on them. Some cards had things like flowers drawn on them and others had diamonds and other inscriptions drawn on them. Those game cards are still available today.   The Game needs at least two players. Sometimes you may have as many as 4 or more contestants. Before the Game would begin the cards would be effectively re-shuffled to make sure that there is an even, unbiased, distribution of the respective categories of the cards. Contestants earn points as they drop respective cards as the game goes on. However, of the entire pack, there is a special card called the Joker. It doesn’t matter at what stage the game is; it particularly doesn’t matter who is losing or winning before that point; once any contestant is able to produce a Joker card and place on the table on top of all the other cards, the game would automatically terminate in favor of whoever had produced the Joker card.

The effect of the Joker card is so pleasantly remarkable and amazingly instantaneous; that all you need is just one opportunity to produce it in your turn and that will be the end of the entire game in your favor. In other words it is good to have your fair share of all the other cards, but it is far better to have just one, perhaps, inexplicable favor of possessing a Joker card. Then you might be in a far better position to be victorious in the game. Sometimes when some players want to laugh last and end the game in an unforgettable, absolutely dramatic fashion, they put off the use of their Joker cards till the very end of the game; when their opponents would be thinking that they (the opponents) have won. Then balm! The Joker will be produced and the game will unequivocally end in favor of the party that produced the Joker.

I will tell you a little story. Once upon a time there was a soccer game in the English Premiership. It was between two of the premiership’s senior teams. One of them was very popular and everybody expected that team to beat the other one as they were some points away from finishing well as one of the top three teams in the premiership that season. However, almost towards the end of the second half of the game, this darling, favorite team was down by as much as two goals. Everybody, including most members of the coaching crew became extremely worried. They felt that the game was slipping out of their hands and so was a chance of doing well in that year’s premiership. However, the coach remained confident about victory. Somehow, he had played all his regulars; He had played virtually every known player in his team and yet they were still losing the game. Part of the problem was that the opponents had previously studied all the previous winning playing patterns of this preferred team. They had studied all the players that usually made the difference in this team. They knew who made what moves at what strategic times. They knew the players that would suddenly break away from convention perform their own individual acts and bring sudden success to the team. Over and over, they had watched the video of previous games of their opponent’s winning competitions. As a result they came prepared and accordingly they had a plan to effectively mark out all the good players of their opposition. They executed their plan so well that it was almost obvious that the game would end in unexpected upset.

Yet, the coach of the losing team remained adamantly confident. I will tell you why. There was this new, relatively unknown, African, player in His team’s bench that his team had just bought from a popular Italian soccer club. At that time the boy had just recovered from a successful heart surgery due to a debilitating, career-ending heart ailment. In fact everybody thought that the boy’s soccer carrier had ended as a result of the heart problem and the subsequent heart surgery. This was perhaps one of the reasons why His Italian club sold him to the English premiership club. However, the expert American, heart surgeons knew that the operation went well; they knew that the guy would play soccer again and they had given him and his new coach the guarantee that he would be alright as a player and that all will surely be well. It is important to add here that given the boy’s story, no club, was too enthusiastic too buy him from the Italian club until the English premiership club showed interest. The new coach had faith in this boy’s abilities and future and went ahead and bought him and transferred him to England.

On this faithful day of this all-important game this player; the one that everyone knew was a heart-surgery survivor, was sitting on the bench and his club was about to lose the game. Nobody reckoned with him. But the coach knew he had a “secret weapon”. Suddenly, to the amazement of everybody, the coach decided to introduce him into the game. He knew that their opponents didn’t know anything about the young man. He decided to introduce him into the game as his last surprise. As this unknown boy, which the British press later came to nick name ‘Kaanu’, made his initial moves, everything changed. I mean the game changed instantly. He became a star all over the premiership world.  He scored three quick goals (a hat-trick) and his team won the game. He was a “joker card” introduced into the game that victoriously changed the shape and outcome of the game.

You may say, “Well pastor what is the connection and what are you getting at?” The whole idea about the joker card actually originated from the almighty God. He was the first to use one and He is still in the business of using them even today. After all, He created us in His own image. When we read the scriptures we would find that in many battles, in many situations and circumstances that are challenging even to the children of God, He would always have a plan; a secret weapon that is unknown to the enemy and even to the child of God. When God intervenes with such weapons, the enemy would be so confounded that he would have no other option than to concede defeat in shame. For instance, Pharaoh and his army thought they were winning. I don’t really know what the man was thinking when he pursued the children of Israel into the red sea. Pharaoh knew that it was unconventional for a new express way to be constructed in the middle of the sea within minutes and yet that didn’t matter to him. If you notice, the battle that ended in the red sea with pharaoh and his men drowning started back in Egypt with God visiting the Egyptians with the Plagues. Yet Pharaoh didn’t hearken to the commands of God. All along, God knew he had a final plan. He knew He had a Joker card. When the children of Israel had crossed over to safety on the other side, God commanded the waters to return, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Friend, nothing is too hard for our God to do. When the angels visited Abraham and Sarah. They gave them the promise of Isaac and Sarah laughed. The angels reminded Abraham and Sarah that nothing is too hard for God to do (Gen. 18:14). Jeremiah looked at the works of God in Heaven and on the Earth and blessed God, telling Him that nothing is too hard for Him to do (Jer. 32:17). Almighty God himself spoke to us and said that He is the creator of all flesh. He asked whether anything is too hard for Him to do. (Jer. 32:27). The angel met Mary to inform her about the coming immaculate conception of Jesus Christ. Mary was disturbed and the angel told her that with God nothing shall be impossible (Lk.1:37). It may take a little time but it shall surely come to pass.

The year is about to end. Some people are worried. They are worried that the promises that they had concerning 2013 are about not to come to pass. They are worried thinking that the brother that was diagnosed of a terminal infirmity in the beginning of the year has not been healed even at this moment; a few hours to New Year. Some people are worried that the jobs they thought they would get this year, didn’t happen and it appears as if they are about to cross into another new 12 months of jobless anxiety and frustration. Yet, some other persons thought that this year would be their year of breaking the reproach of bareness and still a few hours to the end, it appears there is no end in sight. Some believers have fasted and prayed for their enemies; those who are sitting on their promotions in their respective offices. Instead of such persons to be fired, they are rather, being promoted and given more powers by the Management and the year is about to end. And this pastor is talking about what now? I am saying trust in the Lord. Believe in Him. God surely has a plan that will bring you out of that problem and make you the ultimate victor to the amazement of your enemies in the mighty name of Jesus. God will do it in His time. Please believe me when I tell you that, concerning your case, the creator of the Universe; the God of Heaven and Earth has a Joker card. It doesn’t matter how long you have played this particular game of life and it appears you are losing it, when God implements His hidden agenda both you and your adversaries will be surprised. You will be pleasantly surprised and your enemies will be horrified.

When it suites God to give you victory, time wouldn’t be a limitation because He is the creator of time. I have seen the King of Kings perform wonders in less than 24 hours. I believe that you can still receive your miracles before the end of this year in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. However, even if the miracles tarry, please note that your ultimate victory is already guaranteed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen! Trust in the Lord! He has a Joker card.

If you have not given your life to Christ please do so now for tomorrow might be too late.

God bless you and
your family.

Happy New Year

Pastor Fidelis Nwachukwu

RCCG Throne of Grace Parish

317 Woodpoint Ave.,

Hagerstown MD 21740, USA

Email: rccgthroneofgraceparish@ymail.com

Website: http://www.rccgthroneofgraceusa.org


Posted on Monday, December 30, 2013 at 02:35pm