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The God of Heaven. Living in Abundance. Jn. 10:10b. Mar. 2013

Based on absolute reality in our world; unshaking truths; looking at the complexity of the design of the heavens and the earth, one would be tempted to presume that it would be most natural, for everybody on this planet to appreciate that miracles, signs and wonders do exist, and therefore believe that indeed there is the almighty God; the maker of all things. People had read the scriptures; they read the story of how God created the Earth and the heavens and how God separated dry ground from the waters in Genesis chapter 1. Yet some still find it difficult to believe that there is the living, almighty God. On Sunday mornings in most cities of the world you will rather see cars parked in front of residential homes and hotels than in front of churches because many now believe that man’s existence on this planet is exclusively a result of Charles Darwin’s theories of Evolution and  perhaps one other scientific big bang theory. Such persons erroneously think that we got here and do continue to remain here, by ourselves due to chance.

Those who question the existence of the almighty God have failed to tell me how we got the kind of organized natural intelligence that is ‘Man’ in the first place. Who made the first DNA? Who asked the cells to come together in an organized manner to form tissues? Who brought tissues together to form organs? Who organized organs into systems and systems into intact/functional organisms? In this kind of structured methodical pattern? You tell me it is Evolution? Give me a break! As a scientist myself, who has studied (and is still studying) a lot of human systems I know that virtually everything, even in science, points to intelligent design. That intelligence could only have come from the almighty God, the maker of heaven and earth. Some people say they don’t believe in God and yet they fail to explain to anyone how some uncommon things happened and are still happening. I mean how can science alone explain what happened at the Ark of Noah or during the crossing of the Red sea by the children of Israel? Think of it, which law of physics would explain the emergence of dry ground from the depts of the red sea in such a short period of time? How would biology explain the miraculous restoration of the sight of blind Bartimeus by Jesus Christ? (Gen. 6,7. Ex. 14:21, Mk. 10:46-52). You may say to me: “well pastor I know you are talking about the Bible times. What of in our day and age?” My reply to you is that just as it was as of old, awesome signs and wonders are still happening till this day. I mean on a daily basis. The G.O. said that 2013 shall be a year of signs and wonders.

I will tell you a little story that will practically demonstrate to you that, even in our time, there is the God of heaven, watching the earth and monitoring the affairs of men. He is still in the business of miracles; signs and wonders that contemporary scientific analysis may not be able to explain on the basis of interaction of protons, neutrons and electrons.

One day, an African pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, in the United States, and his wife went to a Stationery store in his neighborhood to design and purchase some flyers and materials for the take-off of his, new , parish of the church. When they got there they mate two strangers; a man and his wife, who said they were born-again ministers that worship God in another church in a nearby town. They introduced themselves to the pastor and his wife, exchanged business cards with them and left the store. That was the end of that chapter. After a year the pastor and his parish started searching for a new accommodation; a new church building. They were somehow tired of the location they were renting for church services and they had prayed to God for divine direction.

Somehow, early enough God directed this pastor to call, together, the friends of the church and do a launching for the church building. The pastor obeyed and cards were printed, friends were invited to a good hotel in town; good meals were prepared for the occasion. However, on the day of the launching many of the invited guests refused to show up. Those who didn’t attend had all manner of excuses to give; “My child was sick; I had a business meeting to attend; there was an emergency etc.” The effect was that, in the eyes of men, the launching would be deemed a total flop, when measured only in financial terms. Somehow among the few people  that attended the launching were men and women of God whom God had chosen to pray and make declarations concerning the move of the Holy Spirit in that city, for that church.

In the same year, a realtor called the pastor and told him that he had found a church building, complete with all church facilities that was up for sale. This didn’t go through because the owners of the church/building later changed their minds about the sale and rather decided to stay back there and continue with their programs.

Two years later; on this particular occasion which was a Bible study (digging deep) evening, the pastor, under the leading of the Holy spirit, asked a sister who was relatively new to the church (who had led the teaching that night) if she knew anywhere in the town where the church could purchase a piece of Land. The sister at first said no, but later remembered that there was this church in town, where she had attended/ministered previously that may be up for sale. It turned out that the church this sister was talking about was the same place that the pastor and the realtor had wanted to visit, 2 years ago and the owners later changed their minds. Then the pastor, his wife and the sister decided to visit the church the very next day. As they got there, they discovered that the previous owners/occupiers had sold and moved out of the property and the new buyers were about to sell the property yet again to any qualified buyer(s). The pastor and his team, by the grace of God, had arrived just on time.

The pastor and his church submitted their bid to buy the church building. Meanwhile they had no Bank “connections” and not much of money from anywhere. God gave them grace and favor and the new owners/sellers decided to do owner-financing of the property after a certain down-payment was made. God granted the church favor as they were able to raise the down-payment from members and friends of the church. The miracle didn’t end there. Remember I told you that in the beginning, the pastor and his wife had met a born-again couple in a stationery store (nearly 3 years ago) and they just exchanged cards, introduced themselves as Christians and left and the chapter was then closed? It turned out that, it was that, same, husband and wife that bought the church from the immediate previous owners (who were using that location as a church). They were, at this time, the new owners/sellers of the building. Unknown to everybody, God had already mapped out what he was going to do even before anybody started planning anything. And somebody wants to call all that an accidental coincidence; mere happenstance? No! It was all pre-determined, pre-ordered by the intelligent, all-knowing God. Friend, There is God in Heaven, watching the Earth and monitoring the affairs of men. Period!

God is the one that miraculously saved Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the fiery furnace (Dan. 3:16-30); He is the one that made manner to fall from heaven and feed the children of Israel (Ex. 16:15). He is the God that made water to come from stone and quench the thirst of the children of Israel (Ex. 17:1-6). He is the one that gave Peter the grace to walk on water just like Jesus (Mat. 14:28-33). I can go on and one. He is the God that provided this new church building for the pastor and his congregation. He is the God of Heaven!

The story you just read is the story of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Throne of Grace parish, Hagerstown MD; Our Church here in the United states of America. By the special Grace of the Almighty God, we have moved to a new accommodation; a better church auditorium that now belongs to our church. By His mercy we are no more tenants but rather owners at 317 Woodpoint Ave, Hagerstown MD, USA. On our own we wouldn’t have been able to afford that property; the value of which is in hundreds of thousands of United States Dollars. I mean no bank would have “supported” us to get the church building, but God had his joker card all along. When he played it, every other person, and every other force became a loser and God won. Yes he won! In view of this, effective immediately, all correspondence, on the former address, to our church has ceased as we are now in the new location/address. The new church is so complete that virtually everything we need as a church was left behind by the previous occupiers; chairs, keyboards and pianos, pulpits, children facilities, recreational areas. All! It is just awesome and we give God all the Glory.

If there is still anyone out there in doubt about what God can do (or whether He exists), I encourage you to change your mind. God is there and He is in charge of our individual and collective destinies if only we can submit our lives to him. That is why I invite you today to give your life to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, if you are yet to do so. Please do that today for tomorrow may be too late.

We wish you a Happy Easter!

God bless you.

Pastor Fidelis Nwachukwu

RCCG Throne of Grace Parish

317 Woodpoint Ave.

Hagerstown MD 21740, USA

Email: rccgthroneofgraceparish@ymail.com

Website: http://www.rccgthroneofgraceusa.org

Posted on Saturday, March 30, 2013 at 12:17pm