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Praise! Living In Abundance (Jn. 10:10b). October 2012

In Science, with respect to rates of reactions (organic/inorganic, Chemical/biochemical) there are substances that are called catalysts or enzymes. Typical to their nature, they don’t, overall, take direct part in a reaction, because they are neither the substrates now the products; they come out significantly unchanged in any reaction. However, they are very important because their presence alters and facilitates the rate of reactions. In other words, a reaction that would have ordinarily taken an hour could just take a minute because of the presence of a catalyst or an enzyme. “What is the relevance of this analogy here pastor?”; There is a spiritual, divine catalyst to quicken answers to prayers as is hidden even in the scriptures. That catalyst is Praise!

I have discovered that singing of songs of Praise and Worship to Almighty God acts as catalyst to speed up the rate of positive answer(s) that we receive from the creator of Heaven and Earth. From the start let me state emphatically that it is great to Fast and pray. In fact there is a common saying that a prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christian. Jesus thought us to prayer; In Matt. 6:9-13 we have the Lord’s Prayer. Yet in another story there arose a particular situation that practically defied solution in the hands of the apostles and Jesus told them that such could only be resolved with fasting and prayers (Mk.9:29). Therefore, as Christians who aspire to do exploits for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords we must of necessity be steadfast in prayers and fasting.

However, in other to overcome we need, in addition to prayers and fasting, to sing praises unto our God on a regular basis. The challenge somehow is that when people go through rough/challenging situations and circumstances it is not always easy for them to remember to sing and worship the Lord. Somebody joked one time and said that if you have tried prayers and results don’t seem to come then try Worship and Praise; sing to the Lord joyful songs in praise. Praise and worship in songs were absolutely vital when men of old, as in the scriptures, were either preparing for battles, fighting battles or celebrating victories.

In Exodus 15:1-11 we know the popular story of Pharaoh’s encounter with the children of Israel. After Pharaoh and his horsemen had drowned in the red sea Moses and the Children of Israel sang praises unto God.  Hannah was barren for a long time, but as God gave her deliverance she worshiped the Lord with her mouth in praises (1Sam. 2:1-2). Deborah and Israel had a direct confrontation with Sisera and Jabin the King of Canaan. She brought the children of Israel with Barak and they sang praises to God after God had given them victory over their enemies (Judges 5:1-3). David was a man whose other name could rather be described as Praise and Worship. The book of Psalms that is acclaimed to be widely written by David is full of the express power of Praise. In Ps 117 nations and their people are encouraged to praise the Lord. In Ps 150 David said that let everything that has breadth praise the almighty God. When the evil spirit took over Saul, it was David that brought him deliverance by playing the harp in praise of the Almighty God (1 Sam. 16:23). We are advised to come into the presence of God with singing. We should enter His gates with thanksgiving and His Court with Praise (Ps. 100:1-2). In the New Testament we also see that a multitude followed Jesus and sang Hosanna in the highest in praise to the King of Kings (Matt. 21:8-9). I am told, and I believe, that when we get to Heaven, the only activity we shall have there is to relentlessly worship and praise the Lord with the Angels of Heaven.

Perhaps the most striking example of what Praise and Worship can do is demonstrated in the book of Acts of the Apostles. Paul and Silas were locked up; in prison. They prayed. But they didn’t stop at that. The scripture adds that they also sang and the Holy Spirit came down. They prayed and sang and bands became lose and prison doors were forced open by the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts. 16:25-26).

I know many of us are real prayer warriors. Many of us know how to Fast. Glory be to God! However, not many people know how to sing to the Lord in Praise particularly when things don’t seem to be heading in the right direction. Not many remember to sing and worship the Lord in testimony when things don’t seem to be heading the desired direction. You may say to me “pastor you know I have difficulty with my voice. It is not very pleasant. I have been told before that my voice is not good”. The Lord gave you that voice. He knew what you will become even from your mother’s womb (Jer. 1:5). After he created you, he looked at you and said you are beautiful. Trust God, if he said your voice is beautiful then it is so, no matter what anybody says. Therefore, sing to the Lord, no matter what kind of voice you have. Even in supplications I encourage us to sing and praise the Lord.  

I have personally come to a full realization that perhaps the surest and shortest way to enter into the presence of the Holy Spirit is through Praise and Worship. The moment you begin to worship the Lord in Praise; the moment you begin to testify to the goodness of the Lord in songs, you will effortlessly transit into the presence of the Holy Ghost. What a pleasant and joyful experience. Before you know it, you may begin to speak in other tongues as He will give you utterance. You can begin by singing the popular Praise and Worship songs that you know; those written and composed by other people. As you progress the Holy Spirit will begin to teach you to write your own songs.

I encourage everyone to sing, to the Lord, joyful Praise songs. Even if all appears well, sing praises to the Lord. In Heaven the Angels of the Lord are singing praises to Jesus Christ. Since we shall join the Angels in Heaven in this responsibility when we get there, why don’t you start practicing now. Start today. Concerning that stubborn situation, try the master key of Praise. You will be pleasantly amazed at the speed and dimension of results that you will receive from Heaven. Worship the Almighty God in Songs of Praise; tell him how wonderful he is; Testify about Him in songs and worship in righteousness and holiness.

When we sing in praise as the Holy Spirit will give us power and grace, that problem will surely go away and victory will be certain in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

If you have not given your life to Christ please do so now for tomorrow might be too late.


God bless you.


Pastor Fidelis Nwachukwu

RCCG Throne of Grace Parish

32 E. Washington St

Hagerstown MD 21740, USA

Email: rccgthroneofgraceparish@ymail.com

Website: http://www.rccgthroneofgraceusa.org



Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 02:23pm