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Let God Be The Driver (Original Version)

For a moment, let’s examine the relationship between a Car and it’s Driver. It is obvious that we need the Car, for instance, to move from point A to B in shorter periods of time. The Car is useful; it would be practically useless without a driver. The driver controls the speed of the vehicle; he also decides the direction the vehicle will go. He takes key decisions such as how to maintain the car, when to service it and where to conveniently pack it for security reasons. A reckless and, possibly ignorant, driver can crash the car. Accordingly also a careful and knowledgeable driver with integrity could ensure that a car’s life is reasonably prolonged. A crashed vehicle could become useless; a crashed vehicle may no longer be able to fulfill the ultimate purpose for which it was made in the first place. A crashed car will sooner or later be abandoned or sold off as scrap by the owner. Therefore the quality, personality and integrity of the Driver are key factors to the fulfillment of the purpose for which a motorcar was made in the first place. It is absolutely important that we remember at this point that apart from the Driver, every other person inside any car; a vehicle, whatsoever is at best a Passenger. Therefore when you are in the car, you are either a driver or a passenger. 

No matter how intelligent; No matter how close he seats to the Driver, no matter how powerful and knowledgeable he is, a passenger will always remain a passenger: He is not expected to interfere with the work of the Driver. Passengers are therefore, naturally expected to put all their trust in the Driver and expect that he will convey them to their destinations safely. But the reality is that, with men, sometimes the trust is betrayed. Friend, I have discovered that our lives, our individual destinies on this planet could be likened to the analogy of the Vehicle and it’s driver. Concerning our individual destinies some of us have decided to be our own drivers and relegated God to the position of an important Passenger.

A true Believer should totally surrender the vehicle of his / her destiny to the almighty God. Let God be the driver. . In John 15: 5 Jesus makes it clear that without him we can do nothing. Meanwhile in Phil. 4:13 the Scripture tells us that we can, in fact , do all things through Christ, which strengthens us. Ps 127: 1 says that except the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it.Prov.3: 5-6: We should lean not on our own understanding. Rather we should acknowledge God in all and he shall direct us. Some say they have put all their trust in God but at the slightest indications they look for solutions that are anything but divine: ideas that are entirely based on human wisdom. Some people erroneously believe that in order to live in abundance they must take some bribe or little returns in their office(s), after all, the salary is insufficient and every other person is doing the same.

In some cases, without consulting God, some Christians decide on the course of action to take on an issue and later ask God to rubber-stamp the decision for them. For Instance a brother decides to marry a Sister without first finding out whether that is the Will of God for his life only to begin to pray for God’s support a day to the wedding. A brother once went to his pastor and told him that he had found a wife. In fact the brother had already agreed with the sister. They had already met their parents and a wedding date had been fixed before the brother now approached his pastor. He was now asking the pastor to pray so that the Will of God will be revealed? That was wrong; He had put the Cart before the Horse and had assumed the position of the Driver. 

Some people out of frustration go for job interviews, accept the jobs without due confirmation from God. When they had already started the job they will then begin to ask God for his confirmation of their decision.

Some are so obsessed with a particular portion of Land, maybe in a choice area of town, that they would go ahead and make purchases without knowing the Will of God. Yet when problems arise later, they will run back to God. They are their own Drivers. 

When we lean on our own understanding; When we take decisions without due consultations with the almighty God, when we devise deceitful, corrupt and dubious was of enriching ourselves: when we sell our bodies to make quick money: when we back bite and back stab others to get promotions: when we are too impatient to listen to and work according to the speed and instructions of the almighty God, we inadvertently take the driver’s seat and the King of Kings can at best be said to be a quiet Passenger (an Observer). When this happens a disastrous crash is imminent.

Samson a man whose birth was foretold; a man who had a definite divine path to destiny; a man who was not only guided but guarded and empowered by almighty God, grabbed the driver’s seat and allowed his passion for strange women to ultimately, irreparably  destroy his future (Judges 14, 16: 1-4). Absalom couldn’t wait. He wanted the throne by all means. He plotted and schemed, with the likes of Ahitophel to overthrow his father (2 Sam 15). In the end he drove himself to an untimely death (2 Sam 18:9). Ananias & Sapphira took the Driver’s seat and perished with their treachery and lies (Acts 5: 1-10).

Jonah took the Driver’s seat and almost perished (Jonah 1) until he allowed God to drive and restoration came (Jonah 2). Gehazi; the servant of Elisha squandered a lifetime opportunity of being the most anointed man that ever lived before Jesus Christ, due to greed and love of material things. He drove his destiny to a disastrous end with Leprosy (2 Kgs 5: 20-27). 

If you must live in Abundance you must let God take the Driver’s seat this year. You must be very prepared to comfortably take the Passenger’s seat and allow the King of Kings to drive your destiny without any interference. And all will be well.

Many have devised short and crooked cuts of ‘making it’ in life. As long as God is not in it, as long as the Holy Spirit is not the one driving such ambitions they are bound to fail. When God is driving our destinies we should trust that he is omnipotent, Omniscient and omnipotent. He doesn’t make mistakes. He will never mislead us. With God all things are possible. Nothing shall be impossible before Him. His thoughts concerning us are thoughts of good and not of evil.

We only know the past and the present. But God knows the past, the present and the future. In fact he knows the end from the beginning. We should therefore surrender to him and allow him drive our divine destinies.

 In 2009 (We are now in 2014) you must let God be the driver so that he can take you from where you are presently being tolerated to a greater height where you will be celebrated in line with your divine portion in redemption in Jesus name; Amen! 

Remain blessed.

If you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, do so today.

A/P. Fidelis O Nwachukwu

Prov. Director of Engineering and Projects.

Tel: 08055227848

Email: fnwachukwu2006@yahoo.com

This article was first published (short form) in January 2009.

Posted on Friday, February 28, 2014 at 07:45am