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HOPE! Living In Abundance. (Jn. 10:10b). May 2013

There are some words/concepts that have formed part of our everyday vocabulary; that we have become so used to. Conventionally; we think we know all about such words because we use them on a regular basis. One of such words is: Hope. We use it daily; it is even the name that parents proudly give to their children. You may wonder, therefore, what it is about Hope that is worthy of a lengthy discussion? what is the link between Hope and Abundant life? What exactly is Hope? To make it simple, I will define Hope as just one word: Expectation!

For us to be able to overcome the challenges of life, we must have great expectation that all will surely be well and that our tomorrow will be alright. The normal sequence is that the Christian must have faith in God that what He (God) had promised, that will He surely do. When we have faith, our faith is based not necessarily on our righteousness and works but rather on the grace and mercy of the God. When we have prayed in faith, knowing that God by His mercy and grace will do whatever He said He will do, then we must have expectation that whatever we have prayed for must surely come to pass. We must expect the, desired, results! We must be hopeful that, no matter what, God respects His word. There is an intricate, inseparable relationship between Faith and Hope. You cannot have one without having and exhibiting the other. Heb. 11:1 says that Faith is the substance of things hoped for. This essentially means that it just has to start with Hope, then you add Faith and there will be answers by the grace and mercy of our Lord and savior; Jesus Christ.

When we have expectation as to the greatness and certainty of the power of the most high God, we set in motion a positive divine and natural force that tends to surely bring those positive outcomes to realization and manifestation.

In 2 Kgs. 4:1-36 we read the story of the widow woman whose child had just passed. She had, previously, not been a great personality and symbol of faith. However, through the miraculous work of the almighty that she experienced through Elisha (as demonstrated by the conception and birth of her son) after many seasons of bareness, she became a strong candidate and believer in divine Faith. It is obvious that since she got the miracle as a result of the mercy and grace of God (through Elisha) she naturally had become used to the fact that God could do all things. Therefore when, suddenly the child died and she kept the body in the room and went back to the see the man of God and confessed that all was well, she set in motion the irreversible positive powers of divine expectation that came to physical manifestation when the child became alive again.

In 2 Kgs. 2:1-14 as Elijah, travelling with Elisha, was to be taken into heaven by a chariot of fire, he advised Elisha to go back; home. Elisha wouldn’t do any of that. Rather he continued with Elijah until his master was taken, suddenly, to heaven. Elisha succeeded, however, in getting the mantle of power and grace that fell down from his master. As he prepared to go home, there was an obstacle; the river Jordan. In expectation of the miraculous Elisha had to strike river Jordan with the mantle of Elijah and the river parted and the servant of the living God walked across.

As believers we must have Hope that our tomorrow will surely be alright. When you have prayed in faith; when you have fasted; when you have done your part in faith you must have expectation (Hope) that what you have asked for will surely come to pass. Hope goes with patience. Those who are very impatient concerning answers to prayers, are usually low in expectation; Individuals who are short in expectation often quit very easily. The effect is that such persons, perpetually, start up new things; ventures, programs, businesses etc., and abandon them midway for lack of patience and Hope. When they abandon one project halfway they relocate to a new place and start afresh; they are, forever, starters of new things that they would never finish. Ever!

Consider this; Abraham was more than ninety years old when the promise of Isaac was made. He believed the promise. However a few realities stared him in the face; He was very old, and Sarah’s womb was also too old to have any normal physiological function. Yet he had faith. But in addition to faith the Bible tells us that even against hope, Abraham believed in Hope (Rom.4:18). He didn’t waiver on the promise. He was absolutely convinced that He (God) that promised is capable of keeping His promise. Abraham kept hope alive, expecting strongly that no matter what science said, Sarah will surely have a child. That, came to pass.

I don’t know what you are praying fervently for; I don’t know what seems to have been delayed and is giving you great concern. I want you to have Hope; be in expectation that He who promised it is faithful enough to bring it to come to pass. When we have expectation, then we would be patient; when we are patient, we would make our bodies and minds relax under such circumstances as to elicit the positive divine force that will actualize our expectations and hopes.

Rom. 8:24-25 says: “For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it”. Friend, when you have done all you need to do about that business to succeed, you must wait in patience, expecting that the results will be well; when you have prepared for that job interview, done all you should do, prayed about it and committed it into the hands of the almighty God, you must wait in patience and believe expectantly that God’s grace and mercy will prevail and the results will be great. As ministers and workers in the Household of God and Faith when we have done all we should, and continue to do, about that department, division; even about that Church we should wait in patience and have Hope that He that promised (God almighty) is capable of keeping His promise. As pastors of churches, when we have prayed and fasted and committed our ministries into the hands of God in a particular location of the town, we should wait in patience and have Hope that God that owns the church and the entire location/town will surely make His church to grow by His grace and mercy. As individuals that work in respective offices, when we have worked diligently, honestly and dedicatedly concerning our job responsibilities, we should wait with patience and have great expectation that our promotion will surely come in God’s time and in Jesus name.

1Cor. 9:10 in part says that “he that ploweth should plow in hope”. The fact that the scripture used the word “should” here means that this is just an advice; it is a recommendation and not a command. This presupposes that there are many individuals who may plow without Hope. If a farmer plants seeds, it is understood that the farmer will be doing so in the expectation that at harvest time he/she will reap the fruits of what was planted. Now, we don’t plant today and harvest tomorrow. There is always a compulsory, time gap (waiting period) between the sowing season and the harvest season. The certainty of this time period is as sure as the Sun will rise tomorrow morning. This period is a time of patience; a time of great expectation and Hope. The farmer must be patient enough to appreciate the fact that the seed must germinate, grow and bear fruit. Likewise in all that we do, even in the service of the Lord and in our secular activities, even as we face the stark challenges of life, we must realize that we need patience; we have to keep our focus on the great expectation knowing that He (God) that has promised is faithful to keep to His promise. God cannot fail!

Please keep Hope alive! Don’t lose it. Our Hope is built on nothing else, other than on Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

If you have not given your life to Christ please do so now for tomorrow might be too late.

God bless you.

Pastor Fidelis Nwachukwu

RCCG Throne of Grace Parish

317 Woodpoint Avenue

Hagerstown MD 21740, USA

Email: rccgthroneofgraceparish@ymail.com

Website: http://www.rccgthroneofgraceusa.org


Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2013 at 04:24pm