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CAPACITY!; Living In Abundance. (Jn. 10:10b), Dec. 2012

Eccle: 3:1 says; “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven”. In life the seasons differ as we go from one part of the planet to the other. Because of the special nature of this edition (being the end-of-year, Christmas edition) and also because Living in Abundance is read in different countries of the World; with differing time zones and seasons, I will try to make some explanation concerning respective, prevailing seasons; in some parts of the world. Please bear with me.

Here in the United States for instance, the year is divided into four seasons; winter, spring, summer and fall. The seasons bear names that tend to refer apparently to the natural occurrence at such times. For example, shortly before winter, during the fall season, the trees in expectation of the winter; when there would be little or no sunshine and hence little or no photosynthesis, shade their leaves; the leaves FALL down. During the winter season, there is little sunshine. Rather what we have are cold temperatures and snow most of the time. As winter ends, the trees again begin to expect another period of higher temperatures, sunshine and photosynthesis during the SUMMER. As a result they begin to prepare yet again as their leaves spring forte during the SPRING season (immediately following the winter). Rain can fall in any of the four seasons.

However elsewhere in the world, for instance in Africa, there are just two seasons: Rainy and Dry. During the rainy season rain falls from Heaven to water the lands so that seeds can germinate and crops can grow for a harvest. During the dry season the temperatures are generally higher and hotter and there is little or no rainfall.

In preparing for the dry season, in Africa, there are several options available to families and homes that don’t have easy access to artificial (pipe-borne) supply of water. One of such options is to construct storage Tanks/facilities to hold enough water during the rainy season in preparation for the dry season. Another option would be to buy /borrow vessels and containers to catch and store as much of the rain water as possible during the rainy season. The rain that falls during the rainy season is so much in volume that, it is usually enough to satisfy the water-requirement of every family during the dry season, if only the family would have enough storage capacity during the rainy season. It therefore follows, it is only  logical, inferential reasoning to understand, that in all such cases the availability of water during the dry season is directly proportional to the storage capacity that is available to each home during the rainy season. Often, what mainly makes the difference between satisfaction and thirst, joy and suffering during the dry season is the size of storage capacity that was made available during the rainy season.

In the dry season proper, there are also water- delivery Tankers (vehicles) that move water from primary sources/sites; bore holes or rivers, to individual homes. Normally such Tankers carry several thousand cubic tons of water at every given time. When the water-vehicle gets to any home, during the dry season, all things being equal, the ability of that family or home to take advantage of the supply is directly proportional to the size of the storage or capacity in the home. If they have huge, empty storage tanks, they will all be filled. However if all they have are just a few plastic containers, the driver of the water-truck will fill those few containers and go away with the rest of the excess, to another home that is perhaps better prepared.

Even learning from science (gas laws), I discovered that volume is absolutely important. Boyle’s law literally says that at constant temperature, volume has an inverse relationship with pressure. In other words, as volume increases, pressure decreases. Charles’s law interestingly says that if you decide not to change the volume (for whatever reason) the temperature and pressure will surely rise. That may not exactly be relevant here. But think of this; if you put 200 worshippers in a small church hall, there will be discomfort and restriction (pressure). But when you take them to a 500-seater auditorium there will be happiness, freedom and joy.

Friend, I have discovered that any time God wants to perform an awesome miracle with respect to abundance and prosperity, He would rather not waste his resources; He prefers those who have got the ability/capacity to receive the blessings. If you don’t have such yet, God will expect you to get the ability in preparation for the breakthrough that is coming. He may warn you ahead of time.

In 2 Kgs 4:1-7 we read the story of the widow woman that had a problem with the lenders. She was in debt after the death of her husband. She cried to the man of God; Elisha who told her that God was going to perform an awesome miracle in her life. The man of God told her to go borrow vessels even from abroad. He told her not to borrow just a few but to borrow many vessels. She borrowed as much as she could but when the miracle eventually came, she didn’t have enough capacity to contain it

In Gen. 41 Pharaoh had a dream that was interpreted by Joseph.  Practically, the bulk of what Joseph did in Egypt was to build capacity, ahead of time in expectation of the 7 years of famine. With the increased capacity, Egypt was able to store, provision that would have ordinarily perished, in time of plenty (Gen. 41:47-49). That was what kept them going during the season of famine. It is important that we understand that other nations didn’t make the kind of preparation that Egypt made under Joseph. They squandered all their provision at the time of plenty. This particular reference is not in any way suggesting that famine is coming but rather it is re-emphasizing the relevance of adequate preparation at times of plenty. Such preparation could as well be the perfect solution to future problems of lack and deprivation.

Now let’s bring it down to the level we will all appreciate; as this year ends and we go into 2013, there are some of us that God has been inspiring to expand our coasts (resources and capacity) in expectation of huge blessings/harvest. Some entrepreneurs have refused to expand their operations for fear of the economy. Meanwhile they pray, day in and out asking for God’s abundant blessings. The reality is that if God visits them now (in His abundant riches) in the scope and dimension of their prayers they will suddenly realize that they lack the capacity to handle such divine blessings. For instance you may be running a one –man organization where the business is just you, your children and perhaps your spouse. But every day you are asking God to bless you with customers. Meanwhile God is asking you to expand and you are afraid. If suddenly God sends 1000 customers to you at the same time, you will be choked with the business and then discover that you can’t handle it and that will be a wasted effort(s). If you have been running that business from the basement of your Home, and every day you are crying to the God of heaven to enlarge your coasts. If God sends you a contract that is worth millions of dollars, will the basement still be sufficient? You may say; “well, let the contract come first then I will expand”. It doesn’t work that way. You have to get the capacity before the blessings will come. Otherwise they will be wasted when they eventually arrive, mainly due to lack of adequate, anticipatory preparation.

As we prepare to transit into 2013, I am advising someone who is reading this article now, to go and “borrow vessels”. Increase your capacity, so that when God comes to bless you and your business in the next year, you will not lose out for lack of sufficient preparation; for lack of adequate holding capacity. 2013 is going to be a year of speed and capacity. If you have the available “empty containers”, then you may be able to hold as much of “water” and resources as will come your way. Otherwise they will pass bye forever. It is surely going to be a year of plenty for so many who will be ready with the Almighty God. Our ability to get and preserve the blessings of 2013 may be a determinant to how happy we may be in subsequent years to come, some of which may not be as good as 2013. I pray that you will be ready. Elisha said to that widow “Go, borrow the vessels abroad of all thy neighbors, even empty vessels; borrow not a few” (2Kgs. 4:3). God could as well be talking to us.

If you have not given your life to Christ please do so now for tomorrow might be too late.

On behalf of my family and the entire members of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Throne of Grace Parish, Hagerstown, Maryland USA, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

God bless you.

Pastor Fidelis Nwachukwu

RCCG Throne of Grace Parish

32 E. Washington St

Hagerstown MD 21740, USA

Email: rccgthroneofgraceparish@ymail.com

Website: http://www.rccgthroneofgraceusa.org


Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2012 at 03:20pm